Roz Yuen is an Australian Berlin-based vocalist, composer and producer known for creating downtempo electronica inspired by trip-hop and experimental pop. Endlessly curious and defiant of being typecasted; Roz experiments with, combines and manoeuvres between various musical genres, artistic disciplines, creative processes and uses of technology. As a performer, she captivates audiences with her soulful and ethereal vocals, honest lyricism and rich textual soundscapes. Authentic self-expression and emotional resonance are central to her work. 

Her back catalogue under ‘Roz Yuen’ and ‘Rosaline Yuen’ span a range of genres from French 60s Yé-yé inspired pop to ambient drone. Tracks from her album ‘Tiny Goddess’ (2011, Green/MGM) were featured on popular Australian television programmes; Offspring, Underbelly: The Golden Mile and Crownies.

In 2018, she released ‘Feel so Good’ (EP) exploring the theme of intimacy. Roz’ single ‘Confession’ premiered on Germany's leading indie magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, signalling an exciting new chapter in her music career. 

As a live performer, Roz' vision is to create an immersive experience inviting audiences to connect with her music sonically and visually. She makes use of customised analog and digital devices, which are reactive to her performative gestures, movement and live vocals. 

In 2016, Roz co-founded Beat Collective to give back to the Melbourne music community, have her voice heard as a female Australian-Chinese artist, and to channel her passion for building diverse and inclusive artistic communities.

In 2017, Roz was the proud recipient of an Australian arts grants from the Ian Potter Cultural Trust, which enabled her to complete her studies in music production and sound engineering in Berlin, Germany.


  • Lullaby (Single, 2019)
  • Feel so good (EP, 2018)
  • Confession (Single, 2018)
  • Slow Ending - (Single, 2017, collaborative track with Super Magic Hats on his album Wish released on Tokyo label, PROGRESSIVE F0rM) *
  • Tiny Goddess - (Album, 2011, GREEN/MGM). Songs from the album were featured on Australian Television programs; Offspring, Underbelly: the Golden Mile and Crownies.*
  • Garden (EP, 2009, GREEN/MGM)*

* Released under 'Rosaline Yuen'